Our Most Important Goal




At MTN our passenger's safety is priority number one. Under the leadership of our Safety Director, MTN strictly follows a protocal of safety in driver hiring, training and ongoing communications.


Discipline, timeliness and leadership.


MTN’s safety team stands out with over 45 years of experience in the transportation industry. Most of our drivers have 10 plus years of experience with many being retired veterans of our country’s Armed Forces.


Experience is great - ongoing education is crucial! Through the implementation of continuous maintenance procedures, uncompromising driver training, and supervision - the Safety Director and his staff have acquired one of the lowest accident/injury vs. miles driven ratios in the school bus industry.


In Control.


MTN drivers represent the front line of safe bus transportation. We take great measures to train our drivers to:


  • Continuously inspect vehicles and correct potential hazards.
  • Drive defensively - thinking one step ahead of traffic situations.
  • Manage student's behavior while managing the vehicle.


To keep driver sharp and attentive, our Safety Team requires all drivers to complete a comprehensive training process to fully satisfy all federal and state regulatory requirements as well as district contract requirements.


This includes a regular review of both random testing and formal tests to ensure safety procedures, driving habits, presentation and interaction with students meets MTN's standards.

Hiring Practices

Zero Tolerance.


Before MTN hires a driver, he or she must pass a variety of interviews and background checks which include:


  • Pre-employment drug test, along with random testing as applicable by law
  • Pre-employment physical
  • Pass a road test evaluation
  • Background check


MTN strictly follows state requirements to perform annual and random drug tests on all drivers.

Driver Policy on Incidents


In the rare case of an accident or incident in a vehicle, it is logged in both the company's incident report and the driver's file to address future training opportunities.


Repeat offenders are subject to our internal safety team's review which may result in disciplinary action, up to and including possible termination. In addition to on the job performance, our insurance company runs a motor vehicle record for each driver annually. Any employee with more than one violation in a year is subject to our internal safety team's review which may result in disciplinary action, up to and including possible termination.

Safety Management Practices




To continue our best practices for safety, after a driver is hired, each are monitored and must follow our policies which include:


  • Montly license check (by an independent agent)
  • Any moving violations (Personal or Company) must be reported immediately
  • Semi-annual license checks for moving violations
  • After a chargeable accident, drivers are required to enter a driver refresher course conducted by the MTN Safety Department




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